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What defines us: Authenticity, Natural and Urban Style

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We are above all a strong and dynamic young team built by simple people who love nature, travel and fashion. It was important for us to bring together a team of passionate people able to offer and share with our customers what we have always been looking for.

All these people had to find something in common that could combine nature, travel and fashion. The idea of ​​a brand making unique and customizable wooden watches came about naturally. We had found a goal, a common point and a common adventure that we could share with as many people as possible.

The watch has survived the ages and found its place among the essential fashion accessories of our time. All that was needed was to give it a touch of eco-responsibility and the turn was to play. And why wood? Where is the stone? It's true, what better than a wooden and stone watch to perfectly combine nature, travel and fashion?

From this idea, were born several sketches, sketches and drawings of watches in reflected wood, drawn and elaborated hours and hours, days and months during, so that one fine day our first collection appears.

And that was the pride of our team. We had succeeded in making this project, this dream, a reality. The essential fashion accessory made from eco-responsible material carefully chosen from around the world. We had succeeded in designing unique and quality wooden watches combining different species of wood, stone and stainless steel. Thanks to the wood, we also quickly realized that we could personalize each of our watches so that they could match each person and be unique. But the adventure was only just beginning. Now we had to market it.

Starting first in the French-speaking market, the success was such that we quickly expanded internationally. Our products appealed to the greatest number of people. We had won our bet. Share and bring our philosophy to life to the whole world.

Today we continue to offer you unique and exceptional models that still embody our values. Wooden watches for men and women, wooden bracelets as well as wooden glasses and wooden bow ties. Our know-how also goes upmarket. Today, we are able to offer you mechanisms with a varied movement such as the Quartz mechanism or the mechanical movement. We have succeeded in creating an offer that meets the needs of as many people as possible. And we will not stop doing it, because we are very happy to be able to share this with you.


Why are we doing this?

 FL Watch Official ® | Wooden watch | Assistance

In a world ruled by money, we often forget the most important. Time and nature. FL Watch is aware of this and we would like each of our clients to rediscover these fundamentals.

The whole world expects you to constantly surpass yourself day by day. It causes stress, you start to doubt yourself and this is due only to the pressure you are carrying on your shoulders. The only effective remedy for this is to take the time to breathe, to settle down, and to take time to reflect on the things that are really important to you. Create a moment of necessary and well-deserved recognition with nature.

At FL Watch, we want to bring this to you through models of unique nature and authenticity that can be personalized to suit everyone. A strong symbol reminding you every day to make the most of the time that nature has to offer.


Our raw materials to do this

 FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Manufacturing

All of our models are designed for a single purpose. Bringing a bit of nature and adventure to our clients' wrists. From then on, wood and stone seemed obvious to us. The first materials used in human history and which are still part of our lives today. What other material, than wood and stone, could have better embodied authenticity and a return to basics?

We work with several different wood species so that it best matches the unique design of our watches. Each species is carefully chosen in accordance with the message we want to convey through each model. It also allows each of our pieces to bring a unique and different touch of adventure and travel, because each of these essences comes from a different place on Earth.

On some of our models we also use high quality stone such as marble for our dials. The combination of the grain and grooves of the wood with the incredible structure of this stone makes our watches as unique and personal as you are.

In addition, our unique know-how allows us to manufacture and design very thin dial watches with a simple and elegant design. This approach sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to offer an alternative to traditional watches and bracelets.


Sustainable and fair actions

 FL Watch Official ® | Wooden watch | Environment

You have to know how to give in order to receive. A saying we take very seriously. And we are convinced that every action must be oriented according to this principle. This is why at FL Watch, we put the emphasis on you and try to meet your expectations and requests as much as possible.

We put all our energy into designing and manufacturing unique products and services for you. We make the work of our employees as easy as possible so that they devote all their time to your expectations and in order to accomplish these two simple objectives:

  • You offer quality products at fair prices while offering you a unique and dedicated service.
  • Give nature and the environment something more.

We are proud to accomplish this first objective in order to share our passion and our adventure with you. For the second, we need you and our partners to carry it out. And thanks to your support, we can plant 1 tree for each watch, bracelet or accessories sold and € 1 is invested in restocking the bees.

Several projects have thus succeeded in seeing the light of day thanks to you. Woods are born, sustainable packaging projects are developing ... and so many others. And this, thanks to you. With your support, we want to ensure that every moment that will be given to us to live on this planet is worth living for everyone.

In this way, we give meaning to our adventure and our products. Every piece you wear will have served a great and just cause. And for that, we are proud to be able to share it with you.

And it's only thanks to you.


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