Because biodiversity is essential.

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | EcoTree

Because biodiversity is essential, we sponsor beehives and want to repopulate bee colonies.

Together, let's act to preserve our natural resources

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For each product sold we donate 1 euro

As part of our collaboration with EcoTree, for each product sold we donate 1 euro to a pot, to help set up beehives and honey hedges in our forests.

Wooden watch , Wooden bracelet , Box, Maintenance product and that regardless of the sale price , we support the programs of EcoTree to allow the creation of new colonies and new honey sites in France.

Our action aims to offer a better world to future generations. It has been proven that bees are essential for the pollination of flora and above all, essential for our survival.

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watches | EcoTree

The use of beeswax

By choosing beeswax to nourish the wood of our products, we choose to opt for a natural product . Our bees' product has long been proven to be beneficial in every way.

The quantity of wax necessary for the maintenance of our watch antlers represents the equivalent of a teaspoon of wax for two maintenance sessions, i.e. the entire life of a bee. A beehive produces 100 to 200 grams of wax per frame of beehives.

In addition, beeswax is essential for bees to build the cells of hives which contain honey, pollen as well as broods..

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Wood, the main material

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watches | Beeswax

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A 10,000-year-old love story

The use of beeswax is attested from the end of the 6th millennium BC , especially on the archaeological site of Dikili Tash.

Nevertheless, pollinating species are in great danger, 30% disappearing each year.

Bees alone have lost 25% of their population in Europe between 1985 and 2005 when we know that 75% of world crops are pollinated by these same bees.

If we were to pay our bees for their pollination, that would represent 265 billion dollars then, even if 1 euro represents only a tiny drop of water, little by little and all together, we can help them to rebuild themselves.


This is how FL Watch concretely acts for biodiversity.

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